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Welcome to our city’s official website. Port Jervis, NY is a historic city located at the junction of three states, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

This website is designed for existing residents, future residents, and people looking to plan a visit to Port Jervis. 

It has served as a transportation center for hundreds of years, first as a stop on the Old Mine Road, the first 100-mile road in America, then as a port on the Delaware and Hudson Canal and finally as a division center for New York and Lake Erie Railroad. Today, Port Jervis, is returning to an active, vibrant city that strikes a wonderful balance of "old" and "new". Many of the old storefronts that were overshadowed by shopping malls are being reimagined as restaurants, cafes and boutiques. 


Common Council

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Port Jervis

Soapbox Cars in street


From soapbox derbies to street festivals, check out some of our events.

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