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What is the idea behind the Awakened Art Show?

The show is a vehicle to bring together artists from areas surrounding Port Jervis in order to promote the quality of art that tattoo artists and fine artists can create in an effort to celebrate the  new ownership of The Shop. We have a wide range of mediums present for the show; paintings, ceramics, wood working, and illustration.

How does this show differ from previous shows at Upfront Gallery?

With this show we combined tattoo artists and non-tatoo artists to showcase how various traditional art forms can coexist in a space with a contemporary approach to aesthetics. 

How many different artist are showing and who are they?

The show features over twenty-five artists in our show. These include Sean Addy, Alex Zohorsky, Kamila Dabrowska, Therese Ryan, Robert Kraese, Stas Wrobel, Bonnie Hull, Gola, Joe Santos, Corrie Grant, Gill Barnette, Jenny Lynn-Devoe, Matt Montleon, Ashlie Blake, Megan Halsey, Eric Brocious, Jeff Schick, Shaun Whitehead, Max Gallo, Sam Guin, Charlie Montleon, Suzie Baldinger, Jakub Nadrowski, Brian Grieves, Larry Zampino. As well as our show, the space is being shared with the ten year anniversary show held by the UpFront Gallery.

What does the show offer for those that aren't into tattoo art?

Aside from some tattoo related art, we have a wide range of paintings both traditional and abstract, mixed media pieces, ceramics, wood working for everyone to enjoy. There will be live music, and raffles held throughout the night to win artwork, gift certificates to The Shop.

How long will the artwork be hung in the gallery and when can people view it?

The opening is on April 14, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, again we will have live entertainment and raffles to win prizes from the show and for The Shop. If you cannot make it to the opening, the show will be up for a month and will come down around May 14, 2018.

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