Monday June 17th 2019 @ Fox N Hare


June 17 2019

Explain your journey to becoming the Artsist you are today?

When did your interest first start?


In my early teens (early 90’s) I discovered skateboarding and immediately was attracted to creative outlet it offered. There was a sense of individualty and a community of like minds that quickly engulfed my being. When I wasn’t skating I would spend my time drawing and painting skateboard graphics. In high school I had an amazing art teacher, Hans Windgassen who was very supportive of me pursuing art as a career. I was able to put together a portfolio that got me accepted to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and the rest is history.


What were some of the reasons you decided to move back to the area?


After I graduated college, I quickly got a job as a graphic designer at a cutting edge studio in Soho. I worked there for several years, continuing to draw and paint in my spare time. I also was hired by SVA to teach a design class. In 2004 city life began to wear on me. I took a month off, and spent the time painting in a friends barn in Westtown, NY. I put together enough work to have a show in the same barn. After selling most of the pieces, I decided to take a chance, move up-state and make art for a living. I’ve never looked back!



You have a very specific style of art, how do you best describe/explain it? Describe and discuss how your art evolved into this style.


I’m a huge fan of primitive/tribal art and how they were able to communicate in such simple ways. Definitely moving to NYC was a huge influence on my art. Being surrounded by so many different cultures and the energy of the city was very inspiring. I would say my style is an accumulation of all the experiences I’ve had in my life. Sort of like all my thoughts/influences being thrown into a blender, the end result being my own personal expression.


Do you foresee more artist moving to the area?


Absolutely! I think it’s already happening. Port Jervis is the perfect town to attract creative minds. Access to nature, with close proximity to NYC is a great combination. It’s been amazing to witness the renaissance happening here in my hometown. I always appreciated growing up in this area, and now am proud to raise my kids here.

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