March 30 2019

SnowBall's Chance - Saturday March 30th 2019 - Port Jervis, New York

This year the event will act as a fund raiser and be ridden as a Poker Ride (5 card stud). There is no need to "race" or be in a hurry. You can ride with your friends as a group ride, a personal challenge, a scavager hunt, time trial, or  however you want. This is all about The Experience!!  You just have to finish and make sure your "hand" is turned in by 3:00pm. There will be 5 checkpoints , 4 of which will be within the WaterShed Trail System. You will be allowed to get to these checkpoints by any route you want. The WaterShed Trail System is marke amazingly well and there will be maps available. The shortest total mileage to get to all 4 checkpoints will be about 12 miles, but again you can take the long/more fun way if you want.

At each checkpoint you will be allowed to draw one card per hand. You are only allowed to play one Championship hand for the BIG POT.  We will also have other hands that you can buy into at registration. Other POTs will include Cash and/or Prizes to be played for.

The Championship hands will be broken down into the top three hands in each category. Total buy in will be cut in half, with half going to the house and the other half being split between the Top Three. 50/30/20%.  In the event of a draw, those players will cut for High Card to decide.
Example= If 80 People register for a the Championship Hand the pay out break down would be.. 1st =$600 2nd =$360 3rd =$240. 

There will also be WILD CARDS in every hand/deck. These cards will be worth prizes and possible cash as well. If you draw a WILD CARD for your hand, that is the only card you get to draw for that hand, at that Checkpoint. 

The Ride will go on, Rain, Snow, or sun with 100% chance of FUN!

Registration and Awards will be at Up Front Gallery (31 Jersey ave. Port Jervis, NY)


Race, Ride, Experience SnowBall's Chance!  This is a benefit for the WaterShed Trails of Port Jervis and the Outdoor Club of Port Jervis.

Registration is open now!  Make the commitment to have some fun!
Go to the FaceBook Page for other info and details.   You can also get information on our other events by following StarCrawf on Facebook!  


Registration and Awards will be at Up Front Gallery (31 Jersey ave. Port Jervis, NY)

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